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Ali the Alligator & Cory the Crocodile:
Make Lemonade

Ali the Alligator and Cory the Crocodile are neighbors and best friends, with big ideas! Join them as they open a successful lemonade stand and learn basic business principles along the way!

An introduction to starting a business, supply and demand, and saving money, this book will open the minds of young readers to core financial concepts. Exposing young minds to financial concepts early helps them appreciate the bigger picture and gives them the ability to make smart choices as they grow older.

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Candice Cannon Rudd Book Ali the Alligator and Cory the Crocodile

A Word From The Author

The idea for a children’s book fostering financial literacy stemmed from my own experience with the fast pace of change in the way we use money today, and recognition of gaps that exist in fundamental education for basic money management and business concepts.

I want the next generation to be better equipped and to embrace financial literacy as a life skill, accessible to all. I hope that my books open a door to financial understanding for young learners and their families.

Candice Cannon Rudd
Lawyer & Author

What Readers Are Saying

Ali the Alligator and Cory the Crocodile are a duo who are fast becoming fan favorites among young and mature readers alike. The understandable concepts and business-savvy vocabulary make reading and learning fun for the entire family.

Leena S.
I loved the book! It is a great way to teach the next generation about the importance of money, which isn’t always taught at the elementary stage. The whole concept is amazing, can’t wait for book #2!

Hali Hill, Esq.

I love this book and plan on gifting it to the children in my life! It’s never too early to learn concepts like entrepreneurship, responsible money management, and the associated terminology. Not only are the concepts timely and important, but “Ali the Alligator and Cory the Crocodile” is adorable as well! Both parents and kids will love it!

Angela George

I wish I had a book like "Ali the Alligator and Cory the Crocodile" when I was young. The message is clear and concise; the imagery is fantastic, and the entrepreneurial concepts are memorable and easy to grasp for both young and mature readers.

Dr. Sheila S. Cannon

This debut book of “Ali the Alligator and Cory the Crocodile” introduces young readers to valuable concepts about money and business! This is an often neglected subject for children and this book is a great asset for parents and educators.

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