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Candice Cannon Rudd

Candice Cannon Rudd is an accomplished lawyer and author of original children’s books. In her seminal series, Ali the Alligator & Cory the Crocodile, she seeks to instill basic principles of financial literacy and business concepts in the next generation of learners.

The daughter of two entrepreneurs, Candice believes that financial literacy is a life skill that should be accessible to everyone.  While she has experienced professional success as an attorney, she also measures personal success by ways that she is able to give back and help others. The idea for a children’s book series with financial literacy themes presented a great opportunity to give back, open doors, and help fill an educational gap.

Candice attended Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia and Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and resides there with her husband and two children.

Children's Book Author Candice Cannon Rudd

“I want the next generation to be better equipped and to embrace financial literacy as a life skill, accessible to all.”

Candice Cannon Rudd
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