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Ali the Alligator & Cory the Crocodile: Make Lemonade

Ali the Alligator and Cory the Crocodile are neighbors and best friends, with big ideas! Join them as they open a successful lemonade stand and learn basic business principles along the way!

An introduction to starting a business, supply and demand, and saving money, this book will open the minds of young readers to core financial concepts. Exposing young minds to financial concepts early helps them appreciate the bigger picture, and gives them the ability to make smart choices as they grow older.

Recommended for Ages 6-9 years.

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Candice Cannon Rudd Book Ali the Alligator and Cory the Crocodile
Cannon Rudd Books Hot Chocolate

Upcoming Book

For Ali the Alligator and Cory the Crocodile, there is never a dull moment. Stay tuned for more adventures from these two budding entrepreneurs as they venture into their next big business idea — HOT CHOCOLATE!

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